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Kutusan Ltd.Şti.

Our company is founded in 1994 at Dağdibi, Sakarya. In the beginning, we have started to produce with round wooden box for Turkish delight at a small workplace.

Our company has started to work with HAZER BABA which is one of the biggest Turkish delight manufacturer and exporter in 1994. Our quality is presented to all world with this company. We have continued to work with HAZER BABA company yet.

We enrich our works with Arifoğlu, one of the leader companies in Turkey at Turkish delight and spices production. Also, we have still work with lots of companies which work in Turkish delight and spices production. We have produced round and square spices sets, olive oil box, sweet chestnut box, halvah box, olive box, tea box until 1998.


• Hazer Baba
• Eternity
• Alaeddin
• Hacı Bekir
• Koska
• Kafkas
• Arifoğlu
• Şahinler Hastat
• and lots of valued companies

We have presented our production to Turkey and all world through these companies.

And nowadays, we have exported our products to all around the world.

Our aim is, working to give best serve to our customers without any loss in the quality

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